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Moving at its best is an unsettling experience for the entire family. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServies Advantage Realtors, we smooth the way and make things easier by providing, relocation information, special data regarding school districts, and one of our sales associates will work with you, who specialize in your neighborhood.

You'll want to start preparing for your move a month or two in advance. Feel free to print the following checklist.

Before a move checklist
__ Collect cardboard boxes and other containers for moving.
__ Discard items that you will not be moving. 
__ Find a moving company, get an estimate. Ask for referrals. Call your local and state Better Business Bureau to check them out. 
__ Have draperies and/or carpets cleaned before you move and then pack them for protection. 
__ Inform your company of the address change for their mailings - ESPECIALLY your W-2 Form.  
__ Notify the following companies, agencies, and/or people of your move. establish contacts in new area...  
__ Request a transcript of your children's school records. Contact the new school. 

Address Change
__ Charge accounts, credit cards 
__ Give forwarding address to Post Office four to six weeks in advance. 
__ Friends, relatives, and business contacts 
__ Subscriptions- book clubs, magazine, newspaper, record clubs 
__  Workplace

__ Drivers License 
__ Insurance

__ Accountant 
__ Stock Broker 
__ Transfer funds 
__ Obtain credit references

Government Agencies
__ Federal and State taxes 
__ Social Security (if receiving benefits) 
__ Veterans administration

Medical, Dental
__ Ask for referrals 
__ Birth records 
__ Insurance- life, health 
__ Medical records 
__ Pet records 
__ Prescription histories 
__ Transfer optical, prescriptions, X-ray

__ Cable 
__ Electric 
__ Gas 
__ Telephone - Keep your phone service on through moving day...You may need it!! 
__ Water

When you get to your new home checklist
__ Call a locksmith to change EVERY "access lock"!! (alarms, sheds, mailboxes too.) 
__ Check the pilot lights in your stove, furnace, hot water heater. 
__ Check the telephone, gas, electricity, water. 
__ Go through your check list above - make sure each item has been completed. 
__ Purchase a new city or village sticker for your car. 
__ Register to vote. 
__ Register your car with a new state & get a new driver's license within 14 days. 

Final notes
NOTE: Keep track of your moving expenses, some may be tax deductible!! 
The BUSIEST moving season is the summer.
Most people move on the first and last days of the month.