Get Started in Real Estate




Thanks for your interest in Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Advantage Realtors. I’ll do my best to try to cover information that will help you decide if a career with us is best for you.


First, the procedure for obtaining your Real Estate License goes something like this: There is a 48 hour course of instruction to complete, and a State and National test to pass. Coupled with this is another 24 hour course called Missouri Real Estate Practice. If you attend the normal daytime classroom sessions, you can complete the entire thing in about 14 business days.

There are evening courses also, for those who find the daytime sessions inconvenient. Both courses can also be taken online, if necessary.

The cost for your pre-license course though the only Real Estate School that we recommend, Career Education Systems, is $345.00. Contact us about our Broker Code, which will save you $100, if we sponsor you for the course at CES.  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Advantage Realtors will reimburse the cost of your pre license course on your first three commission checks. The pre-license course can also be taken online at If you want to take the online course, we can offer a 25% discount on the pre-license course through

After you pass the test that covers pre-license, you also have to complete the 24 hour Missouri practice course before you can apply for your license. You have six months from the date you pass the test to complete the 24 hour course and apply for your license.

After you have obtained your license, you’ll join our training program. We do not charge for your training here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Advantage Realtors. You’ll receive all of the sales training you need to build a solid business. We concentrate on your skills, your systems, and your business plan. You’ll also be in an accountable coaching relationship with your trainer to help you advance as quickly as possible.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Advantage Realtors will also provide you with all of the physical tools you’ll need to do business. We’ll provide your website, a desk, phones, fax machines, computers, software, and signage. You provide the “sweat equity.”

Some important points for you to consider:

  • This is a commissioned sales position.

  • We advise our new people to be ready to go for 4 to 6 months without any income at all from Real Estate. Lots of new agents close their first deals much faster than that, but we think the conservative approach is best.

  • You’ll need about $1200 to get started. A list of those expenses breaks down like this: 

    Pre-Exam Course $345.00

    (Reimbursed on your first 3 commission checks.)

    Missouri Practice Course $200.00

    License Test Fee $55.00

    Application Fee $100.00

    SLAR Yearly Dues $399.00

    SLAR Application Fee $275.00

    State and National Association Fees (One Time Fee) $160.00

    MLS Setup Fee $30.00

    Quarterly Access $57.00

    Supra Application Fee $75.00

    Supra Lockbox Key $132.00 (Annual expense)

    Errors and Omissions Insurance $116.70 per quarter

    We have no setup or startup fees at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Advantage Realtors. Your personal webpage,   “For Sale” signs, overnight mailings, copies, faxes, and long distance telephone are all free.

  • If you’ve decided to pursue this career path, our next step is to get together and talk and see if we meet each other’s expectations and goals. Please call or email me, and we can meet at your convenience.

Thanks again for your interest. I’m looking forward to a great professional relationship together.